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AI Revenue Prediction, Scoring & Automation for Customer Teams

Enabling Account Management, Customer Success & Support Teams to identify and automate revenue generating activities

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NRR uplift of at
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Every customer team knows there is more they could do to protect and grow revenue. But identifying these potential activities and executing on them is constrained by time and resource. To solve this, 42ai has built the first AI & Automation platform. Increasing NRR by identifying risks and opportunities in the customer base and giving teams the ability to setup revenue generating automation based on these signals...

Why are customer facing teams leaving revenue on the table today?

Not enough resource

Customer Teams don't have resource to follow up on every opportunity or risk, even for larger, more valuable accounts.

Incomplete customer signals

Data is stored in numerous systems making it difficult and time consuming to access, consolidate and analyse.

Evidencing internal requests ($)

It's often difficult to understand the scale of an issue across all customers and gathering and presenting this data can be extremely challenging.

Overloaded front-line teams

Customer Teams spend their time working in many different systems to understand and action customer issues, with little automation to support them.

Expense of incumbent solutions

Account Management & CS Platforms offer expensive licensed-based billing and are built for one team.

Connects to your GTM stack in seconds

Customer Teams rely on data residing in systems across the organization. So 42ai enables you to connect them in seconds...

Traditional SaaS doesn’t cut it anymore, try 42ai